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HF+50MHz transceiver X5105
  • HF+50MHz transceiver X5105

HF+50MHz transceiver X5105

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Basic Specifications
Frequency range:
Receive: 500kHz-30MHz 50MHz-54MHz
Transmitting: 160 meters -6 meters (Amateur band only)
Operating mode: A1A(CW),A3E(AM),J3E(USB/LSB),F3E(FM)
minimum frequency stepping: 1Hz
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Operating temperature range: -10℃ ~ +60℃
Frequency stability: after turn on the radio 1-60 minutes is + 4ppm, @25℃:1ppm/hour
supply voltage: normal: 13.8VDC + 15%, negative grounding
Operating voltage: 9.0-15.0VDC, negative grounding
Current consumption: receive: 500mA@ Max transmit: 2.5A@ Max
Dimensions: 160*100*46mm[does not include protrusion]
Weight: 0.94Kg[host only]

Transmitter parameters
Transmitter power:5W(SSB/CW/FM),1.5W(AM carrier), @13.8VDC
Modulation mode: SSB balanced modulation/AM low level amplitude modulation/FM
Variable reactance frequency modulation
FM Maximum frequency swing: ±5kHz
spur reduction: -45dB
Carrier suppression: >40dB
Sideband spurious: >50dB
SSB frequency response: 400Hz-2800Hz(-6dB)
Microphone impedance: 200-10k(conventional 600Ω)