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HF X108G Outdoor Edition
  • HF X108G Outdoor Edition

HF X108G Outdoor Edition

Brand: 协谷
Product Code: X108G Outdoor Edition
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  • XPA125 amplifier

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Outdoor version of X108G is a compact single conversion HF transceiver covering 0.5 to 30 MHz. Special optimized the Receive Channel, It has lower Background noise; and higher SNR, Up to 0.25uV&12dBEquipped with a 2.3k SSB filter and a 500 Hz CW narrow-band filter, Excellent filtering characteristics. It include a switchable AGC circuit, Large dynamic range. Other features include a preamplifier and signal attenuator, RIT control for SSB use, and RF output power variable from 1 to 20 Watts.  The front panel meter can display incoming signal strength, RF output power and VSWR, and the transceiver includes high VSWR protection circuitry to guard against potential damage to the output stage caused by antenna mismatching. The RF output stage features imported RF MOS tubes and APC circuitry for constant output across all bands. X108G built-in NB modules and a high stability 0.5 ppm TCXO module. It obtained the FCC verification and CE certification. X108G outdoor version equipped with a  color OLED solid-state screen, Ignoring the strong outdoor sunlight irradiation, still clear. Has four full aluminum handle for better protect the machine.

Accessories Description:

USB Cable :

 The X108G can be connected to the PC via the USB cable, realize software control and software update .


 Power Cable 

       Red and black two-core parallel copper wires.
       Length is 1 M.
      The side use Two-Pin IDE connector attached to the rig; Other  side is open , customers can choose according to their
  needs connections.



   A multi-function digital microphone is supplied as standard, allowing direct operation of many transceiver functions without the need to touch the front panel.

Mini Speaker  (Optional)    

Professional external car mini speakers, the sound sharper and more vivid.