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HF X1M Transceiver
  • HF X1M Transceiver

HF X1M Transceiver

Brand: Xiegu Tech
Product Code: X1MPlatinum版[3.01b]
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  • HF X1M Transceiver

NOTICE: This site is being tested. the content may change at any time. Give you the inconvenience, please understand.


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Basic Parameters

Receive frequency range:  0.1~30MHz

Transmit frequency range:  3.5~3.9MHz





In order to comply with the requirements of corresponding countriesand regions, others with frequency band are forbidden to transmit!

Working mode:               SSB (A3J)

                                     CW (A1)

Receiving sensitivity:           superior to 0.45uV

Radio frequency output power:   ≥4.5W                           

Frequency stability:             superior to 0.5ppm                     

Frequency accuracy:            superior to 0.5ppm (start-up 5min)        

Working voltage:               12.0~13.0V DC (heat generation can bereduced within this voltage range)

Receiving standby current:       0.5A                            

Emission current:              1.8AMax                         

Volume:                      97*40*155mm                  


Intellectual Property

Unauthorized by XG Radio team, the productand its copy of this Operation Guidebook is forbidden to use for commercialpurposes.


This equipment is able to connect with anyHAM RADIO DELUXE software, with any ICOM mode, and IC-718 is recommended toselect.

(Coordinate withserial adapter plate) 

Be sure to read the following precautions!!!

  1. Do not directly connect the serial port or USB-serial devices tothe DB9 port on the tail of the machine (as DB9 port is also used as the bandsignal output port, with voltage), so as to avoid damages to the serial device;
  2. Do not open emit to avoid burning power amplifier tube; receiver,transmitter, please connect the appropriate shortwave antenna during receivingand transmitting;
  3. Generally, do not change settings under project menu after gettingthe machine, because each machine is individually debugging before delivery. Ifthere exist frequency deviation under a certain mode during use, it will besubject to fine tuning according to the deviation!
  4. In order to avoid short circuit due to assembly errors atinstallation, please keep in mind the plug direction of adaptor duringdisassembly!!

Wiresplice of power plug:

Core wireis positive, and the sheath is negative (inside positive and outside negative)


KeyOperating Instructions

As for X1M Platinum, multi-function keys (F1 - F5) are pressed tooperate the machine. The control portion includes 4 groups of menu in total, click the frequency knob to switch betweenmenu groups. The related functions are described as follows:


The first group of menu:

TS+: frequencystep bit moving to the left for one bit;

MD: mode selection. Press it toshow LSB-USB-CW

A/B: switching between VFOA andVFOB of the voltage controlled oscillator;

A=B: setting VFOB the same as VFOA;

TS-: frequency step bit moving tothe right for one bit;


The second group of menu:


V/M: switching between thefrequency mode and the channel mode;

MC: clearing the current channelstorage in channel mode;

V>M: savingthe current frequency and mode into the current channel if the current channelis empty;

The third group of menu:

PRE: preamplifier switch.Switch on the preamplifier, a white spot will be displayed before the   at theupper left corner of the screen, which means that the preamplifier is switchedon; when the preamplifier is switched off, the white spot becomes hollow.

ATT: pre-attenuator switch. X1M Platinum hasno this function.

SPL: different-frequency T-R switch. 

The fourth group of menu: 

RIT: frequency tuning switch. Switching on the RIT and rotating thefrequency knob for tuning frequency. When switching off the RIT, the tuningdata is automatically cleared;

MUT: system beep mute switch;

KYR: key mode selection.Manual/automatic mode and left-hand/right-hand mode are available. 

LK/SYS key: short-press thekey to lock the keyboard and the frequency knob, and a lock sign will be shownon the upper right corner; long-press the key to enter the project menu settinginterface. 

Description of Project Menu

Note: Do not change the ProjectMenu settings in order to avoid abnormality of machine! 

Press “LK/SYS”for 2s, and enter into the interface of project menu setting.

In the projectmenu mode, rotate the encoder knob to select options; if you want to select asetting function, rotate the encoder to the current item, press the encoder toenter the setting status; F1 and F5 keys will move the current position tocarry. Rotate frequency knob to increase or decrease the number of selectedbits.


01.IF OFST:  medium frequency setting

02.LSB BFO: BFO frequency setting under LSBmode

03.USB BFO: BFO frequency setting under USBmode

04.CW BFO: BFO setting under CW mode

05.CW TONE: Side tone settings under CW mode

06.CW TDLY: Emission delay setting under CW mode

07. KYR SPD: Automatic telegraph keytransmission rate setting

08.TXP TIM: Long-term protection timesettings, unit: s

09.BRITNES: Screen brightness setting

10.CNTRST: Screen contrast setting

11.FBND TX: Prohibition transmitter settingsof non-amateur frequency

12.DDS CLK: DDS clock settings

13.DDS MLT: DDS multiple frequency setting

     14.RST ALL: Reset of project menu parameters: selected this option, set 0 to 1, exit this option; and then press LK / SYS key, rotate frequency knob and select yes, press the frequency knob again to exit the project menu; finally, start up the machine again, the setting parameters of project menu will restore to the default parameters.

After-sales service

l   The proper of the X1M Platinum is backed by one-year guarantee (including amplifier tube, display screen, but excluding hand microphone, chassis and DDS). In case of failure during the warranty period, it will be repaired to the normal working condition for free. In case of man-made damage, only the maintenance cost is charged.

l   If the product software upgrade is available, the software shall be upgraded for free.

l   Out of the warranty period, lifelong maintenance services shall be provided at cost price.

l   Roundtrip logistics costs incurred for maintenance shall be borne by the customer.