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Field of application:Amateur radio

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XPA125 is a 100W PA and ATU all-in-one machine for the Xiegu series.
It can quickly build a high-power short-wave transceiver with the X5105, X108G, G1M, G90 and other hosts through the adapter C-19.
It is also possible to quickly build a high-power short-wave transceiver with an adapter such as ICOM817 through the adapter CN-20.

The mainframe is fully solid-state CNC design, with built-in perfect input and output protection function, so that you can communicate at any time.

*XPA125B can also be connected to G90, X5105 and other XIEGU product.


Frequency range: 1.8  – 54 MHz

Maximum output power: 1.8 - 30MHz ≥100W

50 - 54MHz


Maximum operating ambient temperature: 55℃

Gain: 13dB (±1dB)

Spurious suppression::≥ 50dB

Supply voltage: 12 - 15 V DC

Current draw @ maximum output:

Standby: 700 mA @Max

Transmit: 30A @Max


Tuning frequency range: 1.8 – 30 MHz/50 – 54 MHz

Maximum tuning range: 14 - 500Ω

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 70 mm (not including control knobs, feet, handles, etc.)

Weight:3 Kg(host only)